What do others say about us


“My daughter thoroughly enjoys dancing with Lorraine. She smiles from ear to ear during the classes and is always excited to attend. She made the transition from babyballet, which she attended from 2 years old to pre primary classes, which are perfectly pitched, more mature and independent level of dance. She progresses week on week and is always excited to practise at home. Lorraine has a wonderful nature and way of communicating with the pupils, it’s a real joy to watch her dancing with them. We are all very excited for the new term to begin.”

“My ten year old daughter loves her weekly lessons with Lorraine. Lorraine has an inspiring, gentle and knowledgable teaching style and nothing is ever too much trouble.”


“For years I’ve meant to ‘have a go’ at ballet classes, but it’s only recently - in my 50s - that I decided I’d actually do something about it: my first class was absolutely lovely! Lorraine is a wonderful mixture of grace and welcoming approachability, and the class itself was fun but true to what I’d hoped for in a class based on classical ballet - my classmates too couldn’t have been nicer. This week I think I’ve been a little more thoughtful about movement, and I’m definitely going back - I wonder why I’ve waited so long!”

“Our Daughter absolutely loves her dance lessons, we get regular updates from Loraine regarding her progress, we would happily recommend to anyone”


“As a regular visitor to the beautiful Warwick Hall in Burford, (usually for coffee and cake!) I was absolutely thrilled to discover I could attend adult ballet classes there run by Lorraine Razzell.
Although only able to commit to alternate Thursday morning lessons, I have found the classes inspiring, energising, gently challenging and best of all sensitively inclusive, irrespective of age or ability. Lorraine's range of 'exercises', choice of music and uplifting and encouraging teaching style have been a revelation to me, and if I could attend every week, every day I would. Without question '5 stars'!”

“Our daughter Emily has been with Lorraine at the Dance Barn in Southmoor village hall now for 6 weeks and is enjoying her time throughly.  They learn the dances with fun activities on the way being tigers and monkeys to help with there coordination and moves. It’s a great little group and Emily has picked up good skills along the way too, in discipline and listening. Great work can’t wait to see there little show.”


“I have always wanted to do ballet and, at 55 years of age, was sure it was too late. However, I started Lorraine's classes a couple of weeks ago and I am loving them. The classes take you through a really well-staged range of exercises and ballet moves. It's such a fun way to tone and work muscles that I wouldn't otherwise use - I only wish I had done it before.”

“Our 3 year old son loves his ballet lessons with Miss Lorraine. Since starting classes 6 weeks ago, he has gained much more control in body movement and balance, as well as developing his skills of concentrating, collaborating and listening. Miss Lorraine has a wonderful talent for keeping small children both entertained and engaged in their learning, and she is so calm, gentle and encouraging as she gets the best out of her youngest pupils. Her lessons are creative and fun and the children always come out smiling- would highly recommend!”


“Lorraine is an amazing teacher. She's friendly, approachable and attentive to all the different needs in the group. Each lesson moves us forward gently, so that we know we're making progress but don't feel out of our depth. Having given up ballet 40 years ago, her lessons are allowing me to rekindle my youth and I look forward to them every week.”

“A lovely dance school with a brilliant teacher, your kids will love it!”

“I attend the Adult Ballet class on Thursdays at Burford Hall. I used to do ballet when I was younger and it's been so brilliant to get back to something I love. Lorraine is a great teacher and explains everything so well and is really encouraging to her pupils. It's been great to get back to it and I feel like we're progressing each week.”