Special Educational Needs and Disability


At The Dance Barn we strongly believe it is our duty to provide equal opportunities to all of the pupils under our care and to provide a safe and fully equipped environment that helps them to achieve their potential.

 The school believes it is in the best interests of its pupils, parents and guardians to disclose information about any special educational needs or disabilities that a pupil has in order to support the pupil. 

The following procedures are in place to support pupils with special educational needs:

  • All parents and guardians are requested to give information regarding any special educational needs or disabilities that their child has when they enrol and to update the school if there are any significant changes.

  • Parents and guardians are requested to share any guidance that has been given by the pupil’s school that may assist the tuition of the pupil.

  • The Principal will share appropriate information with relevant members of staff and ensure appropriate training takes place.

  • If a pupil has a significant physical or mental disability that may affect their participation in lessons, a meeting between the Principal and parents or guardians will take place to agree the best measures to be put in place to support the pupil’s participation and ability to achieve.

Last reviewed and updated: 28th July 2019.