Pre-School Dance


At The Dance Barn we have our very own Pre-School syllabus and our fun and imaginative classes are designed to give children the very best experience of their first independent dance class.

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Each class is carefully planned and structured. Children start by participating in a series of exercises designed to warm up their bodies and minds and to make them feel comfortable in the class. Each week we go on an exciting dance adventure which introduces pupils to different ways of moving, develops their focus and imagination and to allows them to express themselves to a variety of different accompaniments. Music and props are specifically chosen to ensure that movement is enhanced and enjoyment is maximised.

We also build in to the lessons lots of opportunities for pupils to make friends, show respect to each other and to feel good about themselves. Family and friends don’t normally watch the lessons but we work towards an informal watching lesson at the end of each term so pupils can show off what they have achieved and how much more confident they have become.

Our syllabus is based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which promotes the development of:

  • Physical ability

  • Personal, social and emotional awareness

  • Language and communication

  • Literacy

  • Maths and numeracy

  • Understanding of the world

  • Expression