The Dance Barn was started in September 2018 by Lorraine Razzell, to share with others her love of dance and movement.

Lorraine started dancing at the age of 3 and teaching at the age of 18 when she went to study at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. After graduating Lorraine performed professionally but her heart was always in teaching. She gained extensive experience teaching in numerous schools in London and became the part time courses manager at the vocational dance school, Urdang Academy.

For the last ten years Lorraine has been Head of Dance at St James Schools as well as key member of the pastoral team as Head of Key Stage 4 and a safeguarding lead.

Lorraine moved to Oxfordshire in October 2017 and plans for The Dance Barn started to take shape. Her aim has been to set up a dance school that would inspire it’s members to get involved in dance in as many ways as possible, and to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and fulfil their potential - whatever that may be.

Lorraine has big plans for The Dance Barn. She is looking forward to building it up and helping others to share in her love of dance and movement.