Graded Exams 1 - 8 (RAD)

The RAD Graded Examinations in Dance Syllabus consists of three dance disciplines:

  • Ballet - the foundation and the most important part of the syllabus.

  • Free Movement - influenced by and incorporating movements in common with other dance styles such as Natural Movement, Contemporary and Classical Greek Dance.

  • Character - the theatrical presentation of national dance using original ethnic dance and music which has been freely adapted for the theatre. The three styles — Hungarian, Russian and Polish — were selected because of their historic importance in the development of the nineteenth century full-length classical ballets.

At The Dance Barn we also incorporate fun dance games into our classes to warm pupils up, develop their confidence and to help them to get to know each other. Free work is also included to develop pupil’s ability to learn choreography and to enjoy freedom of movement.

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