Customer Service


Our aim is to provide and maintain the best possible service to our pupils, parents and guardians, teachers and the public. We take pride in providing a professional service and inspiring the highest level of trust. Staff will be professional at all times and and aim to provide:

  • Courtesy in all circumstances, in their spoken words, body language and demeanour.

  • Accuracy in what they do. 

  • Accountability for the quality of service they deliver. 

  • Integrity in all their dealings with all in the school community and outside.

  • Consideration for the needs of customers.

  • Promptness in all their actions, keeping people informed of progress.


 We welcome communication by the following means:

  • Email 

  • Social media

  • Telephone

  • In writing

  • In person 

Contact details can be found on our website:

We endeavour to ensure that all information is communicated clearly and in good time. Information will be communicated to pupils, parents and guardians via the following means:

  •  Email

  • Telephone

  • Website

  • Newsletter

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Notice boards

Parents and guardians must ensure that the school has the correct contact information at all times.



The Dance Barn places great importance on developing a good relationship with parents and guardians and maintaining an open dialogue. Our complaints procedure is as follows:

  • Any grievance or complaint should be made to the Principal who will arrange for the matter to be discussed at the earliest convenience.

  • The Principal will investigate the matter and come back to the complainant at the earliest opportunity.

  • All correspondence, statements and records relating to the complaint will be kept confidential, unless a resolution is not reached and further action is required.

  • If the complaint relates to child protection or an allegation against a member of staff, please refer to the child protection and safeguarding policy.

Last reviewed and updated: 28th July 2019.