At The Dance Barn we believe that good behaviour and considerate conduct is conducive to the happiness and well-being of all members of the school’s community.


We believe pupils respond best to praise and encouragement. In light of this we aim to encourage pupils in the following ways:

  • Positive feedback in lessons that recognises good work and gives clear direction on what can be done to improve further.

  • Younger pupils may be awarded stickers at the end of each lesson. 

  • School certificates may be awarded at the end of each year to recognise the progress that has been made and certificates are awarded by external organisations if pupils successfully pass examinations.

School rules

We ask all of our pupils, parents and guardians to adhere to the following rules:

  • Be on time for lessons. The Principal will raise any concerns about a pupil’s punctuality with the parents or guardians.

  • Wear regulation uniform, which can be ordered on the school’s website.

  • Only bring bottles of water to lessons, not other food or drinks (fizzy or hot).

  • No chewing gum in lessons or on the premises in which lessons are taking place.

  • Use appropriate language. The use of inappropriate language or swearing is not allowed by any member of the school’s community.

  • Treat everyone with respect (see section on conduct between members of the school community - Anti Bullying).

  • Do not possess, consume or supply tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Any pupil found to be in possession of tobacco/alcohol/drugs may be excluded from the school. 

  • To not harm the reputation of the school or another member of the school community, either through speech or online.

  • Pupils who are involved in any form of misconduct may be excluded from the school.

Conduct between members of the school community (Anti-Bullying)

All members of the school community should be treated with respect.

  • Members of The Dance Barn community must not harm each other physically, mentally or emotionally or seek to cause division between others.

  • The school recognises that the following behaviours may be regarded as forms of bullying: Physical (hitting, kicking, pushing, taking belongings), Verbal (name calling, taunting, insulting or making offensive comments), Cyber bullying.

  • The use of derogatory language or language designed to divide or cause offence is strictly forbidden. This is language that relates to age, race, culture, disability or sexual orientation.

  • Any incidents of a bullying nature will be reported to the Principal who will inform parents and guardians of any concerns that they have been made aware of.

  • Members of The Dance Barn community who do not change their behaviour may be excluded from the school.


We recognise that there will be occasions when pupils’ behaviour or conduct is not in accordance with the school rules, either through lack of maturity or lack of understanding. When this happens incidents will be dealt with in the following ways:

  • Staff will not need to raise their voices at a child or restrain them, unless the child is at risk of causing harm to themselves or others.

  • Pupils who misbehave will be given a verbal warning. If poor behaviour continues they may be asked to sit out at the side of the lesson for a short period of time or until the behaviour improves.

  • The Principal will follow up any significant incidents promptly with the parents or guardians.

Last reviewed and updated: 28th July 2019.